Pastoral Healthcare Network Australia is a Christ centred organisation which is devoted to facilitating holistic healthcare for all – considering the body, mind and spirit in the healing process.


Operating as a not-for-profit health promotion charity, Pastoral Healthcare Network Australia primarily provides registered nurses and ancillary support staff to deliver creative and holistic healthcare to our community.

Our work is complemented by a number of partnerships, patrons, and facilities, which offer an extensive range of practical and spiritual solutions to our health outreach – hence the term ‘Network’ in our name.






  • Demonstrate the Parish Nursing model of care in collaboration with the Health Ministry Associates from the PHNA Centre in Geelong
  • Introduce the model of care and provide education and resources to faith communities locally and nationally.
  • Maintain a Health Cabinet to support day to day activities and services offered by PHNA.
  • Resource PHNA personnel with finances and equipment required to achieve their goals.
  • Increase the number of Nurses and Health Ministry Associates assisting the model service.

Pastoral Healthcare Network Australia (PHNA) is a Christian based, innovative holistic health promotion charity, facilitated by pastorally trained Registered Nurses and Midwives, allied health professionals, and Health Ministry Associates.  We operate independently of any faith community or organisation.

Our holistic healthcare helps bridge the acknowledged gap in healthcare between science and spirituality.

Our range of services provide the community with:

  • Support & Comfort
  • Health Education & Promotion
  • Referral & Advocacy
  • Resources for Health Ministry

PHNA provides our services in the following ways-


Support & Comfort

Suffering is a normal part of life. At PHNA we specialise in a range of services which include supporting and comforting people on their journey, recognizing everybody hurts sometimes – be it at times of illness, loss and grief through loss of a loved one, job, independence or relationship.

We specialise in caring through a range of care services including –

  • Listening – to the deeper currents running in people’s lives.
  • Prayer support – Prayer Shawls and pocket sized felt hearts with prayers for illness, trust, grief or loss.
  • Prayers posted to internet chapels for intercession.
  • Nurturing at ‘Time Out for TLC’ (Tender Loving Care) days held monthly in partnership with Geelong Natural Therapies , Shannon Avenue, Geelong West.


Health Promotion

Our Pastoral Nurses conduct health assessments, providing referral and advocacy where necessary.

  • We offer blood pressure screening and early intervention in high risk areas of health issues.
  • We can help people navigate the healthcare system to access the best possible care.
  • We offer nurturing to those who need time out from caring or stressful environments at our TLC days.
  • We provide up to date information on the major health risk factors in today’s world.


Health Education

We promote health in mind, body and spirit for both individuals and community groups through:

  • Health expos
  • Health seminars
  • Nurturing and education at our ‘Time Out for TLC’ (Tender Loving Care) days for carers and those suffering in any way.
  • Facilitating “My Wishes”, a planning tool for documenting spiritual, religious, emotional and cultural wishes for use by appointed advocates if serious illness or accident occurs.
  • Providing faith community information forums and resources for pastoral nursing.


Referral & Advocacy

  • We can accompany people to doctor’s appointments, helping them prepare questions, providing another set of ears to help decipher medical language.
  • We can refer carers for free sessions of counselling if their role is causing them stress.
  • We can refer people in need of social connection and a healing touch, to our ‘Time Out for TLC (Tender Loving Care)’ days.
  • We refer carers for companion cards to assist with the costs of taking loved ones to outings, thus encouraging social connectedness.


History of Pastoral Healthcare Network Australia Inc

Established in 2005 as Lighthouse Inter-Church Health Ministries Inc to introduce Pastoral Nursing for the promotion of holistic healthcare, it was renamed Pastoral Healthcare Network Australia in November 2009 to better reflect its core activities.

Pastoral Healthcare Network Australia Inc is an independent, community based not-for-profit health promotion charity, offering professional healthcare and support services to people of all ages living with

  • Chronic illness
  • Acute illness
  • Life-limiting illness
  • Grief and loss issues
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Spiritual distress
  • Stress related illness
  • Carer burnout

The organisation operates on two fronts –

  1. As a resource centre (trading as ‘Australian Parish Nurse Resource Centre’) for programs and resources to client groups interested in establishing aspects of Pastoral Healthcare in their community. PHNA conducts workshops for pastoral workers in faith communities to learn skills and development of resources, and programs to comfort people living with loneliness, anxiety and depression, health crisis, burnout and stress related illness.
  1. Operating a model Pastoral Healthcare Centre in Geelong, Victoria, provides
  • a working model for volunteers and prospective community group clients to see first hand what benefits can result
  • hands-on experience for volunteers
  • a showcase to demonstrate the scope of activities and how to integrate them into community groups
  • immediate access to benefits for individuals and families referred to PHNA or receiving referrals from other care agencies



Board of Management 2015 – 2016
Patron  Sr Carmel O’Dwyer
Chair Person Rod Bush
Vice Chair  Leonie Rastas
Secretary Maree Burn
Treasurer Christine Crowder
Ordinary Members
  Michael Nolan
  Rose Hoey
  Marg Armitage
  Gabrielle Millar
  Nora Fox
Volunteer Personnel  
Pastoral Nurses Leonie Rastas
  Marg Armitage
  Rose Hoey
  Mel Zan
  Liz Millard
Allied Health Practitioners Shayne Sullivan
  Nicole Sephar
 Health Ministry Associates  Marg Bushell
  Tennille Welsh
  Helen Bourke
  Carmel O’Dwyer
  Loretta Favaloro
  Nora Fox
  Gabrielle Millar
  Therese Walpole
  Dianne Spence
  Maureen Zampatti
Prayer Shawl Knitters Kathleen McKenna
  Judith Houlihan
  Pam Cziernoski
Felt Hearts Anne Maree Valanti
  Carol Hardiman
   Krys Bond





Come along and choose from a range of pampering activities including ……

• Hand and Foot massage
• Remedial Massage
• Pastoral Nurse Blood Pressure Consultation
• 10 minute meditation
• Afternoon Tea

Pastoral Healthcare Network – Geelong
… invites you an afternoon of pampering & pastoral healthcare, at
Geelong Natural Therapies, 36 Shannon Ave., Geelong West 3215
Saturdays: (from 1 pm until 3.30pm)

PHNA is a not for
profit Health Promotion Charity, providing Registered Nurses,
Midwives & Health Ministry Associates trained in spiritual
& pastoral care to deliver:








PHNA strives to be a Christ – centred organisation
devoted to combining medical expertise with
spiritual and pastoral care within a ministry of holistic

We exist to bridge the acknowledged gap in healthcare
between science and spirituality.

In operation since 2005, PHNA is inspired by the
charisms and works of some great Australian and
international pioneers:
St Mary McKillop, Caroline Chisholm, Blessed Catherine
McAuley & Rev. Granger Westberg.

Our Team
Locally, PHNA is supported by our patron, Sr. Carmel
O’Dwyer and ambassadors, Fr Maurice Barry, Fr Vic Farrugia
& Clara Geoghegan.

Board Members: 2016 / 2017: Maree Burn, Rod Bush, Leonie
Rastas, Carmel O’Dwyer, Michael Nolan, Marg Armitage, Nora
Fox & Rose Hoey


Suffering is a normal
part of life.

At PHNA we specialise
in a range of services which include: supporting and comforting
people on their journey, recognizing everybody hurts sometimes
be it at times of illness, loss and grief through loss of a
loved one; job independence, broken relationship.




to register call 0408 217375

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Contact us

Please call or leave a message for Leonie Rastas at:
Ph: +61 3 5249 5799 Mob 0408 217375


We operate from the Wesley
Centre at 100 Yarra St., Geelong, Australia
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